What to eat to help protect yourself from coronavirus

Nutrition experts reveal the foods and spices that boost your immunity and health FAST thank

  • There are currently close to 96,500 confirmed coronavirus cases globally  
  • More than 3,301 people have died as a result of the illness 
  • Washing your hands and keeping away from high risk areas is the best way to stay safe however there are some immune-boosting foods that could help
  • Health professionals recommend onions, garlic, eggs and tumeric
  • While they can’t guarantee you won’t get viral infection, they keep body strong 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

As the coronavirus outbreak sweeps across the globe, people are stockpiling disinfectant, preparing to self-isolate and cancelling their travel plans to affected countries.

And while there is no one way to avoid infection entirely, strengthening your immune system with particular food ingredients can go a long way to reduce your risk of contamination.

Australian nutritionists and health professionals have shared how antioxidant-rich live bacteria supplements, garlic, eggs and turmeric can help boost your health fast.

Australian nutrition coach and chef Lee Holmes (pictured) has revealed the best tricks to boost your immunity ahead of winter

  • There are plenty of foods – including citrus and turmeric (top left) – that can help boost your immune system


Antioxidant-rich foods including berries, garlic and onion are essential for building up the immune system, which fights off viruses, nutritionist Lee Holmes wrote in a blog post.

 Antioxidant-rich foods including berries, garlic and onion are essential for building up the immune system

They contain Vitamins C, B and E which help reduce the risk of disease and help fight off infections. 

According to Lee, antioxidant-rich foods, which also include eggplants, pumpkins and carrots, should be eaten at least once a day.


‘Now that we’ve fought off oxidative damage, it’s time to look at controlling inflammation,’ Lee said.

‘Consuming anti-inflammatory rich foods is essential when it comes to the immune system. To ensure you’re eating enough anti-inflammatory rich foods, up your intake of vegetables and fruits.’

Eating at least five vegetables each day can help fight inflammation and ingredients such as turmeric have additional benefits.

‘One of my favourite anti-inflammatory ingredients is turmeric. I add it to everything. Seriously. The compound in turmeric known as curcumin holds a plethora of benefits,’ Lee said