Say hello to 3-D food

3-D printed food is through in an automated additive manner.

3D printing food works much like a regular 3D printer in the sense that a print head extrudes material onto a surface. (much the way chips and children cereral is made

The piece can be any shape the designer wants, as long as it does not extend past the spacial limitations of the printer and the laws of physics.

However, the raw material does not come in spools like traditional plastic does for 3D printing. It has to have a certain degree of viscosity and must, therefore, be inserted into a syringe-like container for later extrusion.

Anything from sweet to salty to spicy can be made . As long as the ingredients are puréed, it can be printed. This includes vegetables and fruit, dough or batter, candy, chocolate — even minced meat if you’re into this.

As of March 2017, there are only a handful professional food 3D printers – and most of them are still in the prototyping stage.

by 2020, we will have enough advance printers to take to Mars and beyond!


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