Healing Spices

Our appetite for all things anti-inflammatory and gut-healthy is nearly insatiable, there are a number of subtle trends that are quietly shifting the way we care for our bodies and minds.

The current political climate is causing a shift in our health goals and routines. It incredible how volatile people are these days. It’s important to channel our energy through a physical pursuit as much as it is to eat better, starting with healing spices

Adaptogenic herbs and spices have taken off. Historically, adding spices was always for a great way to flavour food without adding calories and to increase your intake of antioxidants. But more recently, inflammation and chronic stress have become so popular and talked about, so naturally, ways to remedy that have become popular, too.”

Turmeric lattes are just the start. People are also putting turmeric and other spices into their morning coffees and smoothies. Cinnamon and black pepper are just as popular.

What is your favourite and are they sustainable?


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