Frozen drinks in lunch boxes?

As a food scientist, it is common knowledge that the three best ingredients for food poisoning is; Time, Temperature and Texture on growth material ideally containing water.

Water however can also help if in the Frozen form within your child’s lunch box.

In regards to Bacteria grows in warm food,  NSW Food Authority has researched whether adding a frozen drink bottle or brick to a lunchbox makes for a safer lunch.

Studies  showed that the lunches without a frozen element got 12 degrees hotter than the lunchbox with the frozen drink.

Bacterial growth is much slower in school lunch boxes if a frozen water bottle or ice brick is included.

Research shows that 94 per cent of households with children pack school lunches and a quarter of those don’t include an ice brick or frozen water bottle. We urge parents to simply add one to keep their children’s lunch safer.”

Hence some handy hunch safety tips

  1. When buying lunchboxes choose ones that have room for a frozen drink or freezer block and are easy to clean and dry.
  2. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before preparing food.
  3. Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
  4. Make sure lunchbox foods are always well separated from other foods in the refrigerator, particularly raw meats, chicken and fish.
  5. Keep the lunch cool in the fridge until you are ready to leave home.

Source: Food Safety Information Council

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