Egg facts

1. Brown eggs are more expensive than white, but it’s not because they’re healthier, it’s because the laying hens are bigger. Egg shell doesn’t indicate levels of healthy.

2. Chickens earlobes will indicate the colour of the egg shells.

3. All eggs are hormone-free in Australia thanks to our consumer laws.

4. How thick an egg shell is depends on the age of the laying hen, the younger the harder the egg.

5. Egg yolk colour indicates nutritional differences. The darker the more nutritious.

6. ‘Cage-free’ eggs does not mean cage free, its only mathematical calculation on their room they are housed. Same goes for free range so be careful. Apps can tell you their true background

7. Older eggs are more buoyant due to egg – air shell seep over time

8. Egg yolk has the same protein as egg white but 4 times the calories

9. Eggs are one of the few dietary sources of Vitamin D

10. Refrigeration reduces the chance of eggs carrying salmonella – fact