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Subway chicken is not real chicken?

There have been unconfirmed reports that subway chicken is in fact 50 percent chicken, with the rest being mostly soy.

Food scientists are scratching their heads at the testing methods and interpretation used in this claim which states that;

Subway likely adds to its processed chicken a highly concentrated soy protein with yeast flavouring. This is a common binding and flavouring ingredient and the manufacturer that makes Subway’s chicken provides similar chicken to other restaurants. It’s in fact, artificial soy protein product

A Subway spokesperson said in a statement. “The results from both labs found soy protein below 10 ppm, or less than 1%, in all tested samples...

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Churrasco Caringbah


We are visited Churrasco in Caringbah on Friday.

It was fantastic.

Fresh cuts, the room was full of yum!churrasco

Friendly service and so much to choose from!

Well worth the visit

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Salvation Army Cooking School

Soon to be released, recipe’s used for the Salvation army cooking school.

Starting with Omelette’s of the world!

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