15 Foods that last longer than you think

Thanks To Linda Loosli from foodstoragemoms.com

15 Foods That Last Forever

1. Honey

If you can buy raw honey, it will last forever. Please remember that storing honey in 5-gallon buckets is not the best idea. You may have to chisel the honey to use after a few years. It will crystalize, which is fine if it’s stored in quart mason jars. You can set your jars outside in the heat of the summer and it will eventually go back to its liquid state. If you microwave the jars you will lose some critical nutrients in the honey.

2. Sugar

Sugar is very inexpensive and it will store indefinitely if it does not get moisture in it. If you find a bucket of sugar that is rock hard, it has gotten moisture in it. Please keep it dry and stored in a cool place. I store my sugar in 5-gallon buckets with Gamma Lids.

Please DO NOT use oxygen absorbers in your sugar to store it. Some people use Mylar bags for storing their sugar, I do not. I use 5-gallon buckets with Gamma Lids. I open the bags of sugar and store it in in clean white 5-gallon buckets.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar lasts forever as long as the unopened bottles are stored in a cool dry place. You can use apple cider vinegar for so many things.

4. Pure Vanilla Extract

A pure vanilla extract will last indefinitely if stored in a cool dry place.

5. Maple Syrup

If you can buy REAL Maple Syrup in a glass jar it will last about 50 years. That’s a very long time. I’m not talking about Pancake Syrup. There are different grades of Maple Syrup.

6. Salt

I grew up with salt with added iodine, it does not last as long. Good old plain salt will last indefinitely if stored in a cool dry place. Himalayan salt will last forever as well. Just purchase salt without added ingredients and you’ll be good to go.

7. Corn Starch

You can store your cornstarch in its original container and as long as it stays dry it will last forever in a cool dark place.

8. Wheat

Thank goodness wheat lasts forever because I store a LOT of it.

9. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce can last indefinitely if stored unopened in a cool dry place. It has a lot of sodium.

10. White Rice

White rice will store indefinitely if you store it in a cool dry place in an airtight container. You may remember brown rice has a higher fat content so you can only store it for six months. White rice can be used in so many recipes and it fills the belly and is a very inexpensive food storage item. The longer you store white rice the less sticky it becomes.

11. White Distilled Vinegar

Its acidic nature makes vinegar self-preserving. You can use it for salad dressings, canning, and so much more. Please store your bottles in a cool dark place. They will store forever if unopened.

12. Corn Syrup

I quote Karo Syrup, “Karo syrup is safe to eat for an indefinite period of time regardless of whether it has been opened. However, for best results, we recommend using before the “Best by” date stamped on the container. Bottles may be refrigerated after opening, however, the syrup may be thicker and slower to pour.”

13. Liquor

I don’t drink alcohol, but I did go to the liquor store in town and asked how long the different bottles would last. They mentioned I should store them upright in a cool dark location.

14. Dry Beans

Beans will last forever, and I mean forever. One thing to keep in mind, the older the bean, the more water and fuel will be needed to cook them. A pressure cooker is great for cooking old beans. You can also soak the beans overnight, drain and cover the beans again with fresh water and cook them until tender. You can pressure can the beans as well.

15. Instant Coffee

This is a really great food storage item because it lasts over 20 years, if not longer, if the containers are unopened. It’s basically dehydrated coffee. It makes for a great bartering item as well.